The Word on Old John Gomez from August, 1900

I knew this article existed but never could find a legible copy. The melancholy announcement and a primary recollection of “Panther Key” John Gomez upon his death in 1900. The second page has a picture of Old John and a quote.

“Pioneer, hunter, sailor,  fisherman all in one, the school is closed that made them. The books are out of date from which they were taught and the railroad shrieks where they hunted and the bicycles whirl where the once the dear paths ran. Good-by Old John, we shall cruise together no more unless there are hunting grounds and smooth seas where we are both bound”

– C.H. Rockwell, Commander, U.S.N.

Forest and Stream was a magazine featuring hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Founded in 1873, it was the ninth oldest magazine in the United States.  Published in New York City by Charles Hallock in newspaper format measuring 16″ x 11″, it published many articles by George W. Sears in the 1880s that helped to popularize canoeing, the Adirondack lakes and self-guided canoe camping tours. An early proponent of environmentalism, Forest and Stream was dedicated to wildlife conservation, it helped to launch the National Audubon Society, was an early sponsor of the national parks movement, and supported the U.S. Canadian Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Naturalist George Bird Grinnell was editor for 35 years and contributors included Theodore Roosevelt. The magazine merged with Field and Stream in 1930.
Google Books provides access to the entire catalog from 1873 to 1930 and allows you to download the volume in PDF which was digitized through the Library of the University of Michigan. Here is the  static URL