“We are young…we will mend.”

We are young

An old friend reminded me of this adage I would affirm just before engaging or upon completion of something often spontaneous, risky (the non perilous kind) and physically demanding.  The risk was relative; we might run the “risk” of being late to work if we overslept in Zion National Park where we would amble up a series of three waterfalls to overnight on one of the stony banks or “risk” being soar, scratched and sun burned from climbing the sandstone mesas in Red Rock Canyon to spend some time with the petroglyphs and the spooky shadows or hiking the backcountry where there were no rules just windy vistas and wildlife and the ever-present, ever-changing elements.

“We are young, we will mend” invoked parlay with complacency.

There was no negotiation with rational thought after these words.  A deal was deliberated upon and struck within that sentence. No further negotiation necessary, the acknowledgement that a challenge was about to begin or end was implied through the utterance of those words.   It was the recognition that we were of the age in which you push the envelope; that age where you recognize human weakness and mortality but still possess a firm grip on your fleeting delusion of invincibility.  That moment, when only after swallowing, do you realize you have bitten off a little more of the apple than you could chew.

In the strangest places, remote, primitive, solitary and timeless, with a blanket of stars overhead and a stone flat surface to land your restless soul and your sleeping bag for a soporific night.  It was the time when we stretch to find those outer limits knowing full well, recovery would occur in short order and you’d be stronger for the experience thereafter.

It is how we grow and how we find footing in a world that never stops spinning.