“Temet Nosce” (know thyself)

XF500 Estero Bay 063One of the earliest books I remember reading was “A Year in a Yawl” by Kenneth Ransom, first published in 1901.  It was the narrative of one of the four boys who circumnavigated Florida and the eastern United States in a craft built by hand and a vision to break out of the norm and embark on an adventure never attempted.  Navigating through doubt, building his boat and launching a scheme, Ransom and his team embarked on a personal odyssey with the help of friends and the encouragement and support of family.  From the onset, every day, a new experience, every day, the chance to achieve the unthinkable and a path to making friends out of strangers, to teach through acts and to learn through their own guileless conviction.

Expedition Florida 500 reminded me of Ransom’s adventure, his motivation and how even though he conspired to do the unthinkable, the journey exceeded all of his preconceived notions of his own faculty and society’s concepts of what was “possible”.  The journey challenged his abilities, revealed both his strengths and his frailty; forever changing his life and inspiring others through his actions, his vision and his tenacity.

The parallels are obvious.  Expedition Florida 500, Justin’s vision and his method resonated with me at first blush.  Affirming the little voice inside of each of us, ever-present and prescient that compels us in our own visions. Despite the din of the doubters and the overwhelming magnitude of such a challenge, we find the strength do the impossible from within and through the process, we discover the impossible only exists because we have not yet strived to actualize a notion or a dream.

The XF500 team pushes the limits of the improbable aside with every dip of their paddles, displacing our complacency as their boards displace water, sending ripples radiating into infinity and landing on the shores of personal awareness.  Bringing to everyone it reaches the realization that within each of us resides the power and the desire to make a difference and to change the world.