Professional References

Richard Lefante | HR Consultant, The James Museum

I am very pleased to speak of the many excellent skills and abilities of Carrie Caignet.  As The James Museum’s Human Resources Consultant, I was involved in the selection and eventual hiring of Carrie in March 2018.  I have worked closely with Carrie during her 3 month tenure at the museum and I believe her skills and abilities would make her an invaluable addition to your team.

From the very beginning, Carrie demonstrated her leadership abilities by contributing effective ideas and solutions to organize the museum’s Visitor Services and Museum Shop units.  She is insightful, a good problem solver, can plan and implement efficient systems and is “tech savvy”.

Carrie is a person with vision who is committed to quality, growth and progress.  I believe you will agree with me once you get to know her.  She has my support and recommendation for any position she pursues.


Maria Brandenburg | President, Owner – Dive Clearwater, Inc.

Carrie has worked for us for many year. We would absolutely recommend her; her work ethics are impeccable.


Captain John C. Timmel | Senior Pilot, President & CEO – Tampa Bay Pilots Association – Starboard Ten Maritime Services

Carrie was hired as executive director of the American Victory Mariners Memorial & Museum Ship.  This position required not only extensive knowledge of maritime history and museum management skills, but also a  thorough understanding of shipboard operations and maintenance as the museum is located on board a 1945 455’ WWII Victory ship. Carrie excelled in all regards and was critical in bringing this project to the next level. She is a great asset in every respect.


Karuna Eberl | Filmmaker, Writer – Wandering Dog Creations

I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie on several creative projects. I always look forward to her comprehensive knowledge, creativity, problem-solving, enthusiasm, professionalism, and kind spirit. I would highly recommend her for any job she deems worthy of her time.


Barb Kyes | Managing Partner – ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

Carrie is a very loyal employee who shows up on time and completes her assignments. The team really enjoyed her and she got along with everyone. Carrie has multiple skill sets and a knowledge of administration that exemplifies professionalism.


Charlie Hudson | Author – RHK Enterprises

Carrie was of tremendous help to me when I was researching my non-fiction book, “Islands in the Sand: An Introduction to Artificial Reefs in the USA.” Her knowledge of reefing efforts in Pinelles County was invaluable and she was able to pinpoint the exact resources that I required. She also provided my first introduction to the History of Diving Museum, another resource that I have utilized in multiple projects. I have always been impressed with Carrie’s depth of knowledge of numerous maritime aspects and her obvious passion for the ocean environment. The fact that she is meticulous in her work and a true team player are added benefits. I highly recommend her for any position that calls for her considerable talent.