Moretti Water Limousine

Classically Modern


Miami Waterways side


Moretti Yachts has done it again with its strategic alliances to bring in the most luxurious water transportation alternative to South Florida. Enhancing the resident and tourist experience remains in the forefront of the Miami Waterway Project. Focus on safe, prompt and professional service that will stimulate economic momentum within the luxury coastal communites. The Moretti Water Limousine will cater to the high net worth individuals who conduct business, and travel for pleasure in the Metro Miami coastal areas. The vessel will carry a maximum of 12 passengers in the lap of luxury, outfitted with all the techno gadgetry you would find on a Mega-yacht. The Moretti Water Limousine provides an alternative form of transportation to disconnected areas. It allows  its patrons to enjoy their commute from a totally different perspective.



The operation of the Water Limosine Service will revolutionize the way people will view traveling through Miami via the water as opposed to the congested highways. Corporate raiders, CEO’s CFO’s CIO’s, Captains & Titans of Industry, individuals that maximize their time in live life by their own rules. Those who dictate and create policy are the individuals that benefit from The Miami Waterway Project. To be part of this powerful movement that will change the way business will be conducted. The boardroom has gone nautical. The new generation are moving at warp speeds and time is precious to them in every sense of its being. The Moretti Water Limousine comes equip with high speed internet connectivity via secure hotspot, 3DES Encrypted Firewall enabled Apple Computing environment. Satellite Secure Link phone service, and Satellite HDTV for all sporting events.

Armed air & water piloted escorts available per request.


 06-saloon with curtain up


The rapid pace business environment has change the way business is conducted. Business is moving at warp speed, the days of being tied to the computer are over. Welcome to Business on the go, where the connected can work from virtually anywhere. The Moretti Water Limousine is the ideal environment to conduct busines while
being in the most peaceful environment, changing the scenery at your command. Moretti Yachts Water Limousines will do what the Mercedes Benz Sprinter did for land based executive transportation. Imagine no traffic and an occassional Dolphin sighting. Plan your outting from the water, think and move outside the grid. Avoid the stress related to traffic, and congestion.

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