From humble but passionate beginnings to a truly global company, today Fasolino’s produces an astonishing 5 billion pounds per year of pasta with equal production of tomatoes and olive oil and has expanded throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Our olive oil, pasta and tomatoes are manufactured for the Fasolino’s brand as well as ingredients and/or finished products for some of the world’s leading brands.

The Fasolino companies were founded 89 years ago by Antonio Fasolino in Nola, Italy. His first factory, a 20,000 square foot plant with five pasta machines, had a production capacity of 12 million pounds of pasta per year. From the very beginning, Antonio prided himself on hard work and on producing the best quality pasta he could.

Some 20 years later, his son Umberto Fasolino expanded the company from a small-town pasta manufacturer to a large corporation with distribution throughout Italy, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. At that time, the company was having difficulty keeping pace with the ever increasing demand for its pasta. By 1960, Fasolino Foods purchased its own wheat fields, and five years later started construction of its Amelia plant, one of the most sophisticated, fully automated pasta plants in Italy. It is this commitment to actually owning its own wheat fields that makes Fasolino Foods prime with a continuous supply of high-quality durum semolina direct to its plants. It is a fact that Italy, the birthplace of fine pasta, has the best growing conditions for the highest quality wheat: the right soil type and the right climatic conditions.

In addition to selling its fine pasta in Italy, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, in 1965, Fasolino entered the United States market. It was only then that U.S. consumers had an opportunity to enjoy the high quality of Fasolino pasta in its more than 130 varieties. Since 1965, its business has grown rapidly from a base of small independent grocers, restaurants and wholesalers to large supermarket chains, distributors and manufacturers. Fasolino Foods has built its business on a commitment to its family tradition, its high-quality products, its planning for the future and its heavy financial investment.