Our selection of coffees and teas are sure to have a blend for every pallette.

There is nothing better than charming coffee aroma which flows into your sleepy morning. Everyday millions of people enjoy their lives by drinking a fragrant dark morning drink. The origin of coffee is covered with mystery. Thousands of legends have been told, hundreds of gods have been created and millions of minds have been lured with the coffee mania. We are happy to be among them. Our story is very simple and we’re sure that it will be familiar to you. We are small company of like-minded people who can’t imagine their existence without a coffee flow in it. In our shop you can find many unique recipes that were carefully polished throughout our 20 years of experience.

Real tea for relaxing and pampering oneself. Imagine the moment the feel of a warm cup, the sight of the clear drink, the delicate aroma of choice tea.  Now take a sip and engross yourself in the enchanting taste which is so loved.

We proudly offer Azzuro Coffees andWissotzky Teas.